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ITCT is software services provider and consulting firm helped many big corporate in IT services.We have many big corporate clients in India as well as outside India.We have delivered billing software,tracking software, embedded solutions etc.

Software development is when you develop a new product, you begin with a concept and you refine the concept incrementally through a series of prototypes, soliciting feedback frequently as you go along. Eventually you arrive at a concept for the product that meets customer needs and represents a sound design. Because a new product is new, and not merely a copy of something that already exists, it is not reasonable to try and predict every detail about its final form before you begin working on it. You have to discover the final form of the product through a series of feedback loops.

When you develop software, you are in effect developing a new product. After all, if a program already existed that did the same thing as you are trying to do, then your customers could simply use that program instead of asking for a new one. Therefore, it is reasonable to approach the task by iterating through a series of prototypes, soliciting feedback from knowledgeable people and potential users as you go along. That way you eventually arrive at a final design that meets everyone’s needs.

Software Solutions India has the expertise to successfully deliver custom solutions to address your specific business demands in a timely manner. We offer a results-based approach to solving problems and maintain a strong commitment to quality throughout every stage of the development process

Working with SSI means benefiting from a proven approach that delivers both mission-critical business and technology solutions in short time periods. For us, success is met only when our clients achieve the desired business value.

ITCT brings with it wide experience in the following Domains :

  • Application Framework
  • Calibration Laboratory
  • Costing Solutions
  • Distribution
  • Document Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmacy
  • Pre-Press Solutions for Publishing Industries
  • Project Management Tools
  • Retail
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Survey Analysis
  • Travel
  • Workflow

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