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What is an static website?

An static website is a set of static pages linked together.

An static page is an html file created and saved locally on a computer or in a server. Every time a change is needed the html file needs to be re-open, edited and saved.

Who can benefit from having an static website?

  • Small Companies
  • Professionals

Small budget companies promoting their products and services and professionals promoting their services are the ones who can benefit from having an static website. Any kind of business with a small set of products or services.

What knowledge do you need to manage an static website?

In order to modify website’s content HTML knowledge is desirable, but not necessary, you can use a many  editor available in to manage your content.

But if you need to make changes to your website’s design HTML knowledge is required.

In simple terms every time for the updation or changes in your website you have to approach a designer every time ,In case you have a website that require lot of modifications you must go for dynamic website.

Static website maximum number of pages

The number of pages to consider to effectively manage an static website is around 30. To manage a larger amount of pages a dynamic website will more appropriate.


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